Friday, February 10, 2006

Porn History

Today’s porn is the result of many, many years of development throughout history. The word “porn” comes from the Greek “Pornographia” literally writing about harlots. In other words, porn can be classified as the representation of the human body or human sexual behavior with the aims of sexual arousal. porn can use text, images, videos, sounds and live performances; everything that might cause sexual excitement.
If we look further back in time, we would find out that porn bears such an extensive telltale workload. Among drawings, photographs and films, there are porn-ridden in the earliest of them. Paleolithic art have sexual content, for instance, and there are innumerous pornographic paintings on the walls of ruined Roman buildings in Pompeii.
In the second half of the 20th century, the United States of America created the concept of “men’s magazines”, such as “Playboy” and “Modern Man”. These magazines contained neither explicit sexual acts nor genital close-ups, like nowadays, just semi nude women hiding the genital area and sometimes, apparently engaging in masturbation. In the 1960’s the world wide known magazine, “Penthouse”, started to show some more explicit content, resulting in the 1990’s pictures of lesbianism, fetishes, group sex and homosexuality. When talking about pornographic films, is important to highlight the Bill Osco and Howard Ziehm1970’s Mona – the virgin nymph.
With the internet’s popularization, porn became very accessible to everyone. Those ashamed of renting a porn film can, today, download from the net. Hence, today’s kids start to feel attracted by sex, reading porn/erotic magazines. They visit internet sites, and there are able to see many different things, much more offensive than those depicted in regular sex magazines.
With the globalization of the concept of 21st century’s sex (as a natural thing), the television is using this idea through several different ways. Sometimes subliminally/propositally the media can show and introduce sexually aggressive things to children. Hollywood films, music and famous stars can carry a sexualized image, and children, without knowing, start to imitate and develop an erroneous image of what sex means. Sex is everywhere. Sex sells. Sex is powerful. porn can be as good entertainment, though sometimes, there would be better off to be careful with it.

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